The Lawson Chamber of Commerce, while being an advocate for our local community
and its merchants, does not endorse any specific event, product or service
unless otherwise specified on this website.
Any issues, recommendations, etc, you may have must be presented to the merchant or
event sponsor, not the Chamber, as we are unable to pursue those on your behalf.
To promote and create an awareness of the
Lawson business community.
Lawson is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, offering an awesome variety of
services and products for such a small town, a wide range of housing options, from
apartments and entry level homes to high-end developments and farms, and many
wonderful churches. Our proximity to the suburbs and KC provides job opportunities and
entertainment options only available in the "city". If there were one thing we could change
about Lawson, it would be the % of Lawson $$ that gets spent out of town. :)
Newly elected Lawson Chamber of Commerce Officers for 2013-14.
From left to right are: Amy Barnes, of Edward Jones Investing; Membership; Catherine
Holcomb of Catrick's Cafe, Resource & Development;
Cress Hewitt of The Lawson Review,Vice President;
Margaret Seeley of Seeley Tax Service, treasurer;
Deb Claussen of Ad Tech Designs, Web Coordinator;
Dave Hokanson, of Volunteer Where Needed, Director At Large;
Amy Kanning, of Kanning Dental, President, and
Roxann Shook, of Candyman, Secretary
PHONE: 816-200-2801
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